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Odds Farm Park - Review


We've just been to Odds Farm Park for a fun day of playing and learning about farm animals. There is so much to see and do there, that we didn't actually get around to doing everything in one day, we'll just have to go back another time to finish the rest!  

We did do a lot of fun things though, the first thing that we did was feed the animals!  We went to the animal barn and fed the sheep and goats.  Ethan was a bit nervous at first and held his hand back cautiously, but by the end of the day when we went back to feed them one last time he was confidently holding his hand out to feed them all.  He absolutely loved it and giggled away as they tickled his hand.

We also went on a tractor ride, which was of course very exciting for Ethan, being a big fan of tractors!  But it was also great because we could bring Ivy on as well, she just sat on Daddy's lap and watched as we passed by loads of different animals.  Both Ethan and Ivy enjoyed seeing the animals from the tractor, and being able to see a few (like the bulls) that you can't really see from the pathways through the farm.

There are plenty of outdoor toys and play areas scattered around the farm.  Ethan especially enjoyed the tractors that he could pedal around and the go karts that he rode on with Daddy.  But he also loved playing in the sand and water area and the various climbing frames and playgrounds throughout the farm.  

We also went around the adventure maze, which Ethan loved!  He ran around so quickly, turning corners and leading the way.  He was shouting out, 'this way next, now turn this way' and confidently navigating his way through the maze, finding the different pictures of tractors as we went.  We didn't actually make it to the other end of the farm for the maize maze, that will have to wait until next time.  Unfortunately we didn't get our timing right for many of the shows either, but I heard people raving about the circus, so I am sad that we missed it.  There are also animal shows in the barn throughout the day, as well as sheep races!

Then there's the play barn!  A huge indoor soft play area alongside the cafe and tea room.  We had our lunch there, you can bring your own picnic to have at any of the tables throughout the farm, but we weren't that organised.  Ethan liked his kids lunch pack, but I'll be honest and say that my jacket potato wasn't fantastic.  The play area, on the other hand, was fantastic!  There were separate soft play zones for babies, toddlers and older children.  The largest area also had these massive slides, which Ethan could have played on all day long.  A few of them are basically just a vertical drop, which Ethan is slightly too young for, but he did love the big wavy slides that you sit on a rug to go down.  One tip to remember, if your little one isn't so little and does want to go on the biggest slides, is that they have to be fully covered for safety, so that means long trousers and long sleeved tops must be worn.

Overall we had a really fun day, and we could have stayed there for much longer if we weren't all completely exhausted!  I noticed on the way out that not only do they have fun things to do over the summer, but they also have special events leading up to Halloween and Christmas, so we will definitely be going back soon!
* This is a review post, we were given passes to explore Odds Farm Park for the day, so that we could write an honest review. *

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