2 1/2 years old

Back to School - School Bus Craft


Ethan loves all vehicles, but on our trip to Canada last year he definitely fell in love with school buses!  So even though we don't have them here in the UK and he won't ride one to school, we still decided to make one to help with his transition into nursery.  Ethan actually started nursery back in July, but as he only goes a couple of mornings a week it is still quite new, and perfect timing to coincide with many children going back to school!  This school bus craft is not only cute, but as he has drawn pictures of his friends from nursery in the windows, it is also reinforcing the importance of building those relationships with other children.


  • 4 mini cereal boxes
  • 1 small tube box
  • yellow paper
  • 4 lids
  • white paper
  • glue

First we glued the cereal boxes together, we used mini cereal boxes so that there could be doors along the bus, as I know that Ethan would like to play with it and be able to put his little people toys inside.  Then we covered the boxes in yellow paper (I cut the paper up into panels so that Ethan could stick each piece on, but you could wrap the whole thing and then make cuts along the doors).  Then I covered the small box in yellow paper and Ethan stuck it to the front of the bus.  Next Ethan stuck on the wheels, counting them out as he did.  

Then I gave him all of the little squares of white paper, for the windows.  We talked about his teachers at school, then he drew two of them at the front, driving the bus.  Then I asked him which friends he would like to sit with him on the bus, so first we labelled a window for him, then he named 7 other children at nursery!  It was amazing, some of these children I have never heard him mention before, I'm always asking him for details about school, but he tells me nothing!  This really got him talking about each of them, and even though he doesn't really draw people in any recognisable form yet, he was able to tell me a little bit about what they look like, which was great.

Then we stuck the windows on the bus, he decided who would sit where and that was it!  The hardest part was convincing him to leave the glue on the bus to dry for a little while before playing with it.  Now he's happily putting his friends in the bus, and making them have little chats with each other as they travel to school, it's adorable!  

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  1. What a cute school bus! Pinning it to my school pinterest board!


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