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Play With Your Food - The Three Bears' Porridge


I was looking on Pinterest and found hundreds of different recipes for overnight oatmeal! I thought that this would be the perfect food to prepare with Ethan, and what could be more fun than making porridge for the three bears? Reading through many different recipes I noticed that the ingredient ratios varied, but some were close, so I decided to simplify things and try equal parts, and it worked! 

The Three Bears Easy Overnight Porridge

Equal parts 

  • oats
  • milk
  • Greek yogurt
(We measured 1/4 cup for Baby Bear, 1/2 cup for Mama Bear and 1 cup for Papa Bear)

(We used strawberries and blueberries)


I set out 3 different sized bowls for each bear, and Ethan started measuring out the ingredients and pouring them into each bowl. As we combined everything together we told the story of The Three Bears.  It's a story that Ethan knows well, as we often tell it to him when we're trying to pass the time and have no books around (in the car, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc).  That made it easy for him to focus on making the porridge as well as joining in with the story.

The next morning he was very excited to eat the oatmeal, he didn't even want to play with his toys first thing, he just asked to have 'the breakfast we made.'  Without any prompting Ethan started reciting the story as he ate his breakfast! He was also very insistant that Mama Bear and Papa Bear eat their porridge as well. A fun and easy way to play with our food, and Ethan loved it! 

Learning Through Play

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

  • cooking - combining ingredients to make a finished dish
Communication, Language and Literacy

  • storytelling 

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