2 1/2 years old

Fire Station Open Day


We have just done the most incredible thing, and I completely recommend that if you have a little one that loves fire trucks, you have to look up your local fire station right now and see when their next open day is!  Ethan absolutely loves fire trucks, fire fighters and everything to do with them, so this was quite possibly the best day he has ever had!  

He was able to go inside the fire station, to sit in a fire truck and they even let him spray the fire hose! There were fire fighters there that the children could speak to and ask questions, although Ethan was much too shy to say anything to them.  He did listen when they were telling him about the different equipment in the trucks though, his little face was so focused on how all of the parts worked and he was amazed when he was allowed to touch anything.  Honestly, he was completely speechless, he could not believe that he was able to do all of these things, he was just in awe.  

As part of the open day there was also a police car, police motorcycle and ambulance that he sat in (and pretended to drive!) He just went from one vehicle to another, pretending to drive and making siren sounds, he could not have been having more fun.  We almost had to drag him away when it was time to leave, he is going to be talking about this for weeks, what a fantastic day!

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  1. How did you find out about it - we have to go, mine are both obsessed with fireman Sam!!

  2. I never took the boys to the fire station but they came to school one day and my eldest who was there was so excited and loved it!


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