2 years old

Writing a letter to Santa


Today Ethan wrote his letter to Santa! It seems a bit early, but Royal Mail say that if you send it in by December 6th you will get a reply from Santa.  I have also ordered a letter from the NSPCC, just in case we don't get one from Royal Mail (and because it's nice to give to charity at Christmas). It's great for Ethan's Communication, Language and Literacy development as he did some 'writing' on the letter.

We wrote letters to Santa last year as well, please see last year's post for details of addresses to send letters (in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia). (The details have changed for the UK this year, letters must be received by 6th December and the address is Santa/Father Christmas, Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ)

I was really happy with the letter that we received from the NSPCC last year, there are areas that you can personalise and they make it look really special.  This year they have several different themes to chose from that are suitable for different age ranges.  You can even order letters for children that live in other countries, so I have ordered one for my nephew in Canada as well (they do ask that you donate a bit extra for the postage).  The recommended donation is £5 per letter.

Ethan really enjoyed writing the letter to Santa. I got out some special writing paper and envelopes with a snowflake design, and wrote out the letter for him.  Then Ethan did his writing on top and decorated the letter with Christmas stickers.  I don't think that he really understands who Santa is, but he was very excited about writing letters. It's so interesting to do the same activities that we did a year ago and then compare to see how much a Ethan has changed. Next year he probably will be writing the letter himself!

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  1. I love how you can create such magic for your child whilst helping others.

    1. Thanks, it just seems like the right way to do things, especially at Christmas :)


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