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Preparing Ethan to be a Big Brother - Waiting for Baby Calendar


I am now 28 weeks pregnant and had a midwife appointment today, which lead me to thinking that it really is time to start preparing Ethan for the arrival of his sibling.  We already have a few books that we've been reading to introduce the idea of a new baby to Ethan (I've already written about them here, here and here), I also have a few ideas of activities that we can do to learn about babies and what it will be like to have a new baby in the house.  We started today by making a calendar to keep track of the weeks that have passed already and how many more weeks we will have to wait for the baby to arrive.  This should help Ethan to prepare and hopefully give him an idea of how much longer we will wait, all of this is part of Ethan's Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

I made the calendar and printed it out and explained to Ethan that many of the weeks had passed already, and there were also quite a few weeks left.  I then got out some heart stickers and Ethan put a sticker on each week that had passed.  We then looked at the calendar together and I pointed out the weeks that we went in for scans and had appointments to hear the baby's heartbeat.  Ethan has been really good for all of the appointments and seems genuinely interested in everything that's going on.  From now on we'll do some sort of activity to prepare Ethan for the arrival of his new sibling every week and put it on the calendar.  

I have some ideas for activities, but I would love more ideas of ways to prepare Ethan for the baby.  I am also looking for more books and possibly toys or games that we could review as part of the series, please contact me if you would like me to review your product.

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