2 years old

Winter Stories


My poor little Ethan still isn't feeling very well, so we've been spending a lot of quiet afternoons at home.  Today we read lots of stories, I gathered together some wintery books from our book shelf to suit the chillier weather outside.  Ethan loves looking at books, and I don't think that he remembers ever seeing snow, so it's fun for him to see in books.  Reading is great for developing his Communication, Language and Literacy skills.

I was surprised that we don't actually have that many wintery stories (I'll be looking for more, please feel free to suggest some).  We read Stick ManElmer in the SnowCaillou - Careful! and The Gruffalo's Child.  Ethan enjoyed all of the books and was pointing out the snow and when it was snowing.  We then talked about it being cold in the snow and the sorts of things that you wear when it's cold and snowing outside.  I can't wait for it to snow now, I'm feeling a bit jealous of friends and family back in Canada that have already had some.  Let's hope this cold snap coming though London next week brings us some snow :)

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