2 years old

Foil and Pipe Cleaner Fireworks


In preparation for Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night tomorrow we made some foil and pipe cleaner fireworks today.  Making our own representations of fireworks is a part of Ethan's Creative Development as he learns how to combine materials to come up with his own creations.

They were very simple to make, I just cut some kitchen foil into rectangles then cut slits about halfway down before wrapping it onto the end of a pipe cleaner.  An older child would be able to do most of this themselves, but Ethan did need quite a bit of help.  To be honest, for him it was just a great excuse to play with two materials that he doesn't often come into contact with.  He loved crumpling up the foil and crunching it around the pipe cleaner.  I then gave Ethan all of our finished 'fireworks' to hold and he ran around the room saying 'bang, bang!' he absolutely loves playing with them.  Looking forward to more pretend firework play tomorrow :)

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