14 months old

Writing a Letter to Santa


Today we wrote letters to Santa Claus!  I only learned this year that if you write a letter to Santa many of the national post organisations will send a letter back.  I already ordered a letter from the NSPCC, because it's nice to give to charity anyway, but this way we have an address to send our letter to!  We're in the UK, so Royal Mail will reply if you send a letter to Santa / Father Christmas by December 14th at this address: 

Santa / Father Christmas
Santa's Grotto

If you're in Canada, Canada Post will send a response if you send your letters by December 17th to:
Santa Claus
North Pole

If you are in the US, the United States Postal Service will send a response if you send a letter to:
Santa Claus
North Pole

If you live in Australia, Australia Post will send a response if you send a letter to:
North Pole 9999

I printed out some writing frames from Sparklebox and made a post box so that we could write lots of letters and post them at home, then just send off one letter to the actual Santa.

Ethan had lots of fun scribbling on the letters and was fascinated by folding, then trying to copy and crumpling up the letters before putting them in and out of the post box.  Of course he then started posting everything, crayons, toys, remotes... But it made for a very fun morning, it kept him busy for ages and of course he learned while he played.  It's a great pre writing activity for developing his Communication, Language and Literacy and a great drawing activity for his Creative Development.

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