2 years old

Getting into the Christmas Spirit


Well, Christmas is less than 2 months away and all of the shops have started putting out all of their Christmas decorations, gifts and food, so today we decided to join in with all the fun! Celebrating holidays and learning about traditions is all a part of Ethan's Personal, Social and Emotional Development and a huge part of our family.

Today we went to the shops and bought some Christmas tags and decorations, then onto Marks & Spencer to buy some mince pies and sparkly drinks and finally to Starbucks for drinks in red cups (I had an eggnog latte and Ethan had a babyccino) and a cranberry muffin.  I don't think that Ethan really has any idea what I'm talking about with all of this Christmas business, but he's certainly not complaining about the extra treats!  I can't wait to get started on Christmas crafts and proper Christmas shopping :)

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