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BritMums Christmas Party


Today we went to the BritMums Christmas party! Our first proper Christmas event of the year, and the first blogging event that I've taken Ethan to! I was quite nervous about bringing Ethan, as you never know how a toddler will behave, but luckily for me he was very good.  It's also really nice for him to experience all sorts of social settings as part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Ethan loved every part of the day; the train journey, the taxi ride, the Christmas decorations at the party, the food and chasing after the other children!  The party was sponsored by Morrison's and their Christmas ad was playing on a big screen, Ethan absolutely loved the dancing gingerbread man.  He was so excited to then see the gingerbread man on the food table (he wouldn't eat it though, maybe he was expecting it to sing and dance?) He ate enough other Christmas treats to make up for it!  He was fascinated by the gingerbread houses as well, wanting to knock on the door to see who was inside.  We've had a bit of inspiration for another Christmas activity, and we may just be making a gingerbread house this year.  Ethan enjoyed watching the other children play, and as soon as he got over his shyness he was chasing them around "come here little boy" and trying to play with them.  We are definitely in the Christmas spirit now :)

Thank you for a lovely party (and goody bag!) BritMums and Morrison's

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