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Fingerprint Christmas Trees


Today we have started working on our Christmas cards for this year!  Things are quite hectic in our house at the moment, so we're doing our Christmas cards in the easiest way possible. That means store bought cards (no photos this year) with a little special piece of artwork from Ethan inside.  Unfortunately, Ethan is not quite at the stage where he will happily sit and draw in 30 cards for me, so we had to be creative.  I saw some adorable fingerprint Christmas trees on Pinterest, but again there's no way that Ethan could create that many trees without growing bored.  So what I decided to do instead is to have him finger paint a large piece of green sugar paper, which I will then cut tree shapes out of.  Finger painting is great for Ethan's Creative Development as he gets to experiment with colours and the different effects that the paint makes when he smudges it around in different ways.

Ethan absolutely loved getting messy with the finger paints today!  We use Crayola Finger Paints and find that they work really well (and wash off easily).  I started off by showing Ethan that I wanted him to just put one finger in the paint and make little dots all over the paper to look like Christmas decorations.  But of course it didn't take long for Ethan to put his whole hand into the paint and smudge it all over the paper.  Friends and family beware, they may not be Pinterest quality artwork, but they are all Ethan's own, made by a boy having a lot of fun and getting messy :)

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