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Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Movin' Monkeys Building Set - Educational Christmas Toy Review


In the lead up to Christmas, Ethan and I have the pleasure of reviewing fabulous toys to compile our 'Best Educational Toys for Toddlers' list.  Learning Resources have sent us the Gears! Gears! Gears! Movin' Monkeys Building Set to review.  It is a building set that is fabulous for fine motor control as part of children's Physical Development.

The set sells for £45.54 on the Learning Resources website.  There are 136 pieces in the box, including plates to build on, gears, levers and of course plenty of monkeys!  The age recommendation is from 4-8 years old.  

As Ethan is only 2, it isn't something that he could play with on his own, but we sat together for ages with him passing me the different coloured gears that I asked for and assembled the recommended structure in the instruction leaflet.  Ethan happily twirled the gears around the sections that I had finished and marvelled at the new structures I was creating.  Once we had a couple of sections done and were able to put them together came the most fun part for Ethan, he was able to turn a lever and make all of the gears turn!

This is definitely going to be a toy that Ethan can use for years to come as he grows and learns how to use it in different ways.  There are so many pieces and different configurations that can be made.  For now I actually think it will be a very fun toy for Ethan to play with his Daddy (as he's much more into building than I am) I can picture them sitting together for hours making different gears turn for the swinging monkeys!  Then as he grows older he will be able to build the structures himself, combining the pieces in different ways and learning how the gears work. For a child that is interested in how things work, this toy could keep them busy for hours!

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If you order online from Learning Resources and use the code BLOGGER13 during checkout you will get free delivery on all orders.  Offer valid until December 31st 2013.  (Let me know what you order!)

* This has been a review post, Learning Resources sent me the Gears! Gears! Gears! Movin' Monkeys Building set so that we could play with it and write a review for them. To see more about my review process please click here. *

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