2 years old

Happy Bonfire Night!


Tonight is Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes) in the UK, and of course we are celebrating!  As we already went to a fireworks display on Saturday night, we just stayed in tonight and had a special themed dinner and then played with light toys and sparklers.  We did have sparklers for Ethan last year, but it seemed like a new experience to him this year, learning about lighting the sparklers and being careful with fire is part of his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

For dinner we had:

  • sausage rockets (cooked on sticks with triangle shaped peppers at the top)
  • mini jacket potatoes with cheese
  • carrot sticks, cheese twists & bread stick 'sparklers' (all with hummus and grated peppers and cheese to dip on the ends to make them look like sparklers)
  • hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks
  • chocolate finger 'sparklers' (dipped in warm water and sprinkles) 
  • Parkin biscuits
After dinner we played with glow sticks, colour changing light up toys and sparklers!  After showing him a few sparklers he decided that he wanted to hold one, so he was very brave and followed all of the instructions and carefully held a sparkler (and even asked to do it again after the first one!)  I was very surprised that he wanted to hold one himself as he seemed unsure of them at first, but he absolutely loved it.  He had a fantastic look of wonder and amazement on his face as he watched it spark.  Then we watched some of our neighbours fireworks through the windows and brought his glow sticks up for bath time to have a glowing bath :)  Luckily he was exhausted and seems to be sleeping though the fireworks that are still going on outside (so far ;)

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