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Preparing Ethan to be a Big Brother - Baby Born Interactive Review


Today we put another sticker on our 'Waiting for Baby' calendar as we're now at 29 weeks!  In our continuing effort to prepare Ethan to be a big brother, Zapf Creation gave us a lovely Baby Born Interactive doll to review.  I am hoping that by playing with this doll he will learn about caring for a baby and being gentle as part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development as we prepare him for the arrival of his new sibling.

The Baby Born Interactive doll is available from many shops and sells at £34.99 from Amazon.  It comes dressed in a nappy and bodysuit, and comes with a spare nappy, a dummy, a bottle, a bowl and spoon, a food sachet and a potty.  

I thought it would be easiest to ease Ethan in by just using a couple of the features at a time. Today we just focused on cuddling the baby, being gentle with the baby and feeding the baby. Ethan has been so incredibly sweet and gentle with the baby, he's really surprised me.  He holds the baby very carefully and covers him up with a blanket to keep him warm.  

Ethan is absolutely fascinated with feeding the baby.  He does prefer to use the bowl and spoon, but we talked about how small babies just drink milk.  I also tried to explain that some babies drink from bottles and have milk from their Mummy, but that one is quite difficult for him to understand, we may have to wait until Baby arrives for that to make sense to him.

Ethan also loves that the eyes open and shut (when the baby lays down).  He likes to poke at the eyes, but this is one of the opportunities that I use to try to teach him to be gentle with the baby and not to touch in sensitive places.

Overall we are loving the Baby Born Interactive doll, I think that it is already helping Ethan to understand a bit more about babies.  The doll is very well made and sturdy, has many features that we will use in the coming weeks (nappy changing, bathing, etc) and is life like enough that you do feel the need to be gentle with him.  We are both very happy to have this lovely doll in our house.

* This has been a review post, Zapf Creation gave us this doll so that we could play with it and write a review for them. To see more about my review process please click here. *

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  1. Oh how lovely, 29 weeks, he'll be fetching burp cloths and giving gentle hugs before you know it!

    1. It's going by so quickly, I'm sure he will be helping out before I know it! Thanks for your comment :)


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