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Christmas with a One Year Old - Ethan's Second Christmas


As it's getting closer to Christmas and I'm starting to plan for Ethan's third Christmas (I can't even believe it, I don't know where the time has gone) I'm looking back to Ethan's previous Christmas'.  I wasn't really blogging for Ethan's first Christmas, and being a parent was still so new (he was only 3 months old) that we just had a very simple and lovely Christmas at home.  

Last year, however, for Ethan's second Christmas, we went all out!  (And just wait for this year, baby!) So I'm looking back and remembering all of the things we did, to find inspiration for this year, and maybe to inspire others to go all out for Christmas with a one year old :)

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Decorating

Christmas Crafts and Activities

Christmas Toys

Christmas Days Out

Looking back, I'm actually thinking that we did a lot more than that, things that never got written about.  There were plenty of Christmas fairs, Christmas lights and Christmas parties.  And definitely a lot more special family moment.  Hopefully I'll manage to find time to write about them all this year.

It's just over a month until Christmas, happy planning everyone!  (Now...where have I left my lists???)

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  1. Ha I like it! Fab lists or reminders of Christmas traditions. I wish there were such things as blogs when my son was little.

    1. I am definitely lucky to have other fantastic blogs (and Pinterest!) for inspiration and to be able to share our fun :)

  2. What a fab post - this year will be AMAZING !
    I love Christmas and now you've made me even more excited :)

  3. There are lots of amazing ideas there for little ones, bet Ethan can't wait for this year! :)

    1. He has no idea what's in store, it's going to be so much fun :)

  4. Wow, some fantastic festive ideas there! can't wait to see what you come up with this year x


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