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Preparing Ethan to be a Big Brother - Meeting Other Babies


We have now added a sticker to the 30 weeks box on our 'waiting for baby' calendar, which is wonderful (and very scary!)  So we continue to prepare Ethan for the impending arrival of his new sibling by meeting and interacting with as many other babies as possible!  I'm hoping that this will help Ethan to understand what babies are like and to feel secure about his relationship with me (even when I am holding another baby) as part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development in preparing him for the new baby.

Ethan actually really loves babies, he's always been quite intrigued by them.  He often wants to look into their prams and asks questions about what they're doing.  Lately I've been encouraging him to pay more attention to them and I've been trying to explain what they're doing (when they're being fed, etc.)  The other day I was holding a friends' baby while his Mummy was getting his milk ready, and he was crying (because he was hungry) and Ethan was so intrigued. He kept saying 'baby cry' and I was explaining that he was hungry and wanted milk. Then Ethan watched as he was given his milk and stopped crying.  For days afterwards he kept saying 'baby cry waaaaaa' and then saying 'give milk'.  He is definitely starting to understand, and quite thankfully doesn't get upset when I hold other babies.  We've also been talking a lot about how some of his friends are already big brothers or sisters, which hopefully makes sense to him and will prepare him for living with a baby.  Luckily we still have at least a few weeks to go to get him ready, any other suggestions would be appreciated :)

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