2 years old

Story Time at the Library


Today we went to story time at our local library.  As Ethan isn't feeling very well, he still isn't really interested in being very active, and he's very cuddly (which I don't mind at all!)  So we went to the library because we needed to get out of the house (even though when I asked Ethan what he wanted to do he said 'stay home', so sad).  He ended up staying in my lap to listen to the stories, and bringing me other stories to read to him.  I suppose as he wasn't feeling well, he just wasn't in the mood to sit with the other children and listen.  He did strike up the courage to pick up a colouring sheet at the end though, and coloured in a lovely cat picture for his Daddy.  Really hoping he'll be feeling better soon, I miss my playful little boy.

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