23 months old

Half Way There, Not Long Now...


Ethan will be a big brother in less than 20 weeks!  Today we went for our 20 week scan, this was a tough one for Ethan to sit through as it was quite long, but he did really well.  Then we got home and continued with our reading of baby books, onto his favourite one I'm a New Big Brother.  This one focuses more on life with a baby sibling, and will be great for preparing Ethan as part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

This is now one of Ethan's favourite books, he loves that he can press the button to make a sound (it's the sound of a baby crying). I love all the parts about Pirate Pete still spending special time with his parents, about helping with the baby and teaching the baby things.  I hope that Ethan continues to enjoy this book as I think it could be really helpful for after the baby arrives as well.

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