21 months old

Paddling Pool Play


Another gorgeous hot and sunny day in London!  Today I decided to find something different for Ethan to do in the sun and as he loves to play in the water I thought that was where we would start looking.  I did a quick search around (and asked Twitter for suggestions) and found that there are paddling pools in a couple of local parks.  Unfortunately none of these are very close to us, but I found one just a short way away (half an hour bus ride and 10 minute walk).  However, we arrived at the park to find that the pool was being painted!!!!  Complete rage followed, as of course this was not mentioned on the council's website (very tempted to name and shame my council, but I will resist).  This meant that we had to get creative!  As I've mentioned previously, we do not have a garden, but there is a small communal garden that no one really uses beside our houses.  It really isn't ideal as it's rocky, not well maintained and on a main road.  But for today, it was the location of our paddling pool!  Playing in the paddling pool is a fun activity for developing Ethan's Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he explores the water.

The whole experience of trying to set up the paddling pool was hilarious!  Obviously we don't have a hose leading to this communal garden, so instead I bought 2 massive bottles of water (5 litres each) from the shop down the road and used them to fill the pool (my baby only swims in spring water, lol).  Then to get Ethan changed and collect all of the things that we would need, paddling pool, mat for under the pool (because of the rocks), mat for me to sit on, toys for the pool, etc, etc.  Finally we had it all set up (note the size of the pool, apparently when you buy things from a shop that sells everything for a pound they may not always be the size you expect!)  Ethan absolutely loved it though, he was pouring water and splashing water and having a ball.  It was actually really difficult to get him out of the pool when it was time to go inside!  Definitely worth all the hassle to see him so happy :)

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