21 months old

Jello Play


Today we attempted jello / jelly play for the first time.  In general jello / jelly play is a fun way of developing Knowledge and Understanding of the World, a great sensory activity, fantastic for exploring texture and getting those little fingers working when there's toys hidden inside.

I decided firstly to leave the jello / jelly play until after a meal.  I know Ethan, and nothing was going to stop him from eating it, so I'd rather not have him fill up his tummy before dinner.  I prepared the jello / jelly in the morning, thinking that it would be fun to make it into little shapes, so I filled up cute shaped ice cube trays with the mixture and put them in the fridge to set.  The plan was to turn out the shapes into a big bowl and mix in some little toys for Ethan to find.  The problem was that the jelly didn't want to come out of the mould   So the activity changed to Ethan using his fingers to free the bits of jelly from the mould  and then of course eating it.  Still a good sensory activity, great for fine motor as he had to get the jelly from the little crevasses and much more fun than eating jelly with a spoon!

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