21 months old

Ethan's Passport


We are going on holiday tomorrow, Ethan has been playing with his airport set and today we made him a play passport.  I bought the cutest little Moleskine notebook, that looks just like a mini passport.  On each page I've written the trip that we've been on and the dates that we went. There's plenty of space in the middle for Ethan to decorate with stickers and draw little pictures. Such a fun activity to remember and reflect on the trips that we've been on as a part of Ethan's Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Ethan enjoyed sticking the stickers on each page as I told him about the trips that we've been on, and how we're going on another trip tomorrow.  We talked about going to the airport and flying on the aeroplane.  I think he's going to be very excited tomorrow!

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  1. This is SO CUTE! What a lucky boy he is :)
    Enjoy your holibobs..!


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