21 months old

In The Night Garden Live


Today we went to see In The Night Garden Live.  It was the first television show that Ethan started watching, so it was appropriate that it was his first live show as well. It was a great experience for him to see his favourite characters on stage, and a fun activity for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he saw a tv show come to life.

As soon as we arrived at the venue there were big posters of all of the characters outside, Ethan was excited while we were still in the queue!  There's plenty of room inside to park buggies, buy souveniers and food and of course a baby change area.  We were handed our program / activity books and we went inside to find seats.  It is open seating, so it was a good thing that we were early so we got a nice seat in the middle with a good view of the stage (being a bit closer to the front would have been nice as Ethan had to be held up to see over some tall adults, we'll remember to be even earlier next time). It was well set up though, there were projections of the characters around the stage which kept Ethan occupied while we waited for the show to start. Then it began and Iggle Piggle came onto the stage, Ethan was mesmerised.  I didn't even watch the show, I just watched his little face go through the different emotions of awe and excitement, and as he joined in with the dancing and clapping.  He also knew all of the characters names (we only thought he could say a couple) and would recognise their music before they came on and call out their names.  It was such a fun experience and I highly recommend it to any little fans of the show.

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