21 months old

Colours Book


Today we made a book about colours.  I found the idea on Pinterest which lead me to Craftulate and Georgina's post Homemade Colour Book.  She has done an excellent job of making this colour book, so I copied it entirely.  Please have a look at her post for the full instructions.  Such a fantastic way for Ethan to learn about colours in a book that we made together, great for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Ethan loves flipping through the colour book, so far the only colour name that he can say is 'blue' which is why I thought this was an area that needed a bit more attention.  He loved sticking in the stickers to match the colours (the only problem now is that he wants to peel the stickers off again!)  It is great that we can keep adding to it as we find other coloured stickers.  Hopefully he'll be saying a few more colour names soon.

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