21 months old

Imaginative Play in a Box


With this heat and Ethan's not being very well, we're getting creative with quiet indoor activities. Today Ethan climbed into an empty box, not decorated like a bus this time, just a plain old box and he set off to his own imaginative play.  It's very exciting for me that he's now able to use his imagination and make his own games up, a fantastic part of his Creative Development.

Ethan climbed into the box and first it was a bus, and he sang The Wheels on the Bus, he's learned to say 'all day long' so he just sings that over and over again, it's adorable.  Then it was a boat and he sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat, for this one he sings 'row, row' and then 'merrily, merrily' and then he screams (from the crocodile) while rocking the boat back and forth.  He really is the cutest, even when he's poorly he still finds ways to have fun.

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  1. We have a whole session based around playing in boxes...... Babies Love Boxes Best!!
    Needless to say, it is a VERY popular session!!

    1. That's fantastic, and I'm not surprised that it's very popular :)


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