21 months old

Hospital Play


It's been quite a difficult week for us, as I mentioned in previous posts, Ethan has a chest infection, and it got a lot worse over the weekend, we ended up having to admit him to the hospital for breathing difficulties.  We were very lucky that he only had to stay in for one night and he is already on the mend, but it certainly was not a pleasant experience.  I have so much respect and admiration for those that spend long periods of time in the hospital with their children, I really do not know how you do it.

I would love to write a fantastic post about all of the wonderfully creative ways that we've kept busy while Ethan's been ill and while in the hospital, but I'm afraid that I'm just too exhausted for all of that.  So here's a quick list of things that we've been playing with and that we brought to the hospital that have helped:

At home

  • random boxes and around the house items - Ethan seemed less interested in toys and more interested in bizarre objects this week, we got very creative!
  • books, books and more books!  - Ethan loves to be read to, but this week it has been even more than usual.  Especially his favourites, he kept bringing the same books over, I suppose the repetition is comforting.
  • colouring - a great activity to keep Ethan still and occupied, even if it doesn't last for so long.

In the hospital

  • favourite soft toy - nice for a cuddle and to show how monkey take his medicine, has blood taken, etc.
  • toy cars - an all time favourite, he could drive them around everywhere
  • books - of course we brought all of his favourites (even though we're getting tired of them, he loves them) and I think it's a comfort to have those familiar things from home
  • magazines - Ethan's Aunt brought him loads of magazines from the gift shop, they always come with stickers and little toys, great for keeping Ethan entertained
  • toys from the hospital playroom - while in A&E I was able to pick up a few things from the playroom to distract Ethan while he was having tests done.  The nurses also brought him a fun car track to play with in his room the next day.
  • the ipad - some people may be against it, but I have to say that when Ethan was going a bit stir crazy from being stuck in one room for so long it was a great help to calm him down.

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