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Little Us Dolls Review


Today we played with the Little Us Millie doll that we received to review.  There are 4 different dolls available; Chloe, Amelia, Ruby and Millie.  Each has a different personality description, so the dolls can be bought to suit your child.  You can buy the Little Us Millie Doll on Amazon for £7.99.    The doll is lovely and very well made, she has a sweet little face and the clothes she wears are also very nice.  Dolls can be lovely for play especially for developing Personal, Social and Emotional skills.  It is a lovely way to teach a child to be gentle and kind to others as well as teaching them about themselves (body parts, clothing, etc).

When I received the request to review the dolls I thought it was definitely worth a try.  I am not one of those Moms that worries about gender specific toys or would have a problem with boys playing with dolls.  Ethan doesn't have any other dolls, so I thought it would be a nice addition to his toy collection.  We have had the doll for about a week now, I've left her amongst Ethan's other toys and the truth is that he has not picked her up once.  It's so strange, but he just hasn't shown any interest at all.  This doesn't reflect at all on the quality of the toy, it's just Ethan's taste I suppose.  When I brought Millie out today and introduced Ethan to her, he sat with me and played for a little while.  We pointed out all of her features and when I asked he gave her a cuddle, but when I stopped initiating the play he put her down.

I decided this wasn't very fair on poor Millie, so when we had a friend over later in the afternoon, with a little girl about Ethan's age, I brought Millie out for her.  Her face lit up when she saw her, she took hold of her hand and played for ages.  So not to worry folks, Millie has gone to a good home where she will be loved.

* This has been a review post, Little Us Dolls sent us Millie so that we could play with her and write a review for them. To see more about my review process please click here. *

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