21 months old

Bathtub Paddling Pool


Today has been another scorcher, and to top it all off Ethan has a chest infection and a raging fever.  The poor little guy is burning up, and in this heat it must be unbearable for him.  This afternoon I was a bit desperate for a way to cool him off, and as we don't have a garden (and it's a lot of effort to set up the paddling pool in the communal garden area like we did the other day) I decided we had to improvise.  We set to paddling and splashing around in the bathtub. Splashing and playing in the water is great for his Physical Development.

Unfortunately I have no photos today, it was all a bit too wet to bring the camera in!  But Ethan had lots of fun, and it definitely cooled him off.  He was looking at me like I was crazy when I stripped him down to his nappy though, and then placed him in a cool bath (I didn't make it too cold, but it was colder than his normal bath water).  So I had to go in with him and hold his hands to distract him.  Once we started kicking and splashing he thought it was hilarious!  A great way to cool off on a hot day :)

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