21 months old

Water Playground in Berlin


Today the heat wave has followed us from London to Berlin, it's a scorcher!  Luckily we found a park with a fantastic water play area.  There were four big elephant and seal fountains that shot out water at different timed intervals.  It was the perfect place to play on a hot day, great for Knowledge and Understanding of the World while figuring out where that water was coming from!

I thought that Ethan would absolutely love it as he is such a water baby, but he actually didn't take to it.  I'm not sure if it was because the water was quite hard that came out of the fountains or if it was the unpredictability of when it came out.  Either way, he was not a fan.  He happily played around the edges, splashing in the puddles though.  He still got to cool off and have his own fun, just not how I expected him to.

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