21 months old

Keeping Busy on our Flight to Berlin


Today we got up bright and early to fly to Berlin!  We brought a bag full of fun favourite toys and new toys to keep Ethan entertained.  I bought Ethan a few new books that I knew that he would like (Postman Bear, Hide and Seek Pig, Meet the Piplings and Who's There, Spot?) some colouring books with characters that he loves (Mike the Knight and Peppa Pig) and lots of stickers and sticker books.  I kept some aside for the flight back and brought the rest in Ethan's toy bag for the flight today.  I also threw in a couple of cars and other toys that Ethan likes.  

Ethan was very good on the flight, especially as he had to sit in our laps in a very small space. The books and sticker books were definitely the best thing that we brought, very easy to do whilst sitting still.  The colouring books were also good, but couldn't be used during take off and landing as you can't have the tray table down.  I did regret not having a small toy plane for Ethan to be able to show him what the real plane was doing, I'll have to remember for next time.

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