21 months old

Summer Fair - Bouncy Castle


Today we went to another summer fair!  We do love a fair, although it was a bit much in this sweltering heat!  This time there was a bouncy castle that was just for under 3's (such a great idea as I worry that Ethan could get trampled by the bigger kids in one open to all children.)  A great activity for his Physical Development as he enjoys bouncing and is learning how to jump!

At first Ethan was really reluctant to go into the bouncy castle, I was so surprised as I thought he would jump right in.  We would put him through the opening and he would climb right back out again!  This went on for a bit and he explored the area outside of the bouncy castle, then finally we tried again and he decided to give bouncing a try.  That was it, he loved it!   Bouncing around (mostly on his bottom, but eventually he was brave enough to stand up and try walking around) and giggling away.  Of course then it was impossible to get him out, and he had a little tantrum when our time was up.  Next time hopefully he'll go in straight away and not waste those precious minutes ;)

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  1. That's how my 5 year old behaved when she first played in the bouncy castle. We were invited to a birthday party. They had arranged for a Urbangames small bouncy castle in Dublin that was specially for all of the kids. She was a little scared to climb in but when she saw the other kids jump on it and have fun, she decided to join them as well.


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