21 months old

Baby's First Music Festival


Today we took Ethan to his first music festival...ok, that's a bit of a stretch, but there's a park near our house that had a festival on, and we took Ethan near it.  It was so funny to take Ethan to the park that we always go to, but to see it filled with all of these different things and for areas to be fenced off, he was very intrigued.  A fun experience for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World to adapt to a different situation and his Creative Development in hearing live music and dancing to the music.

Ethan loved listening to the music, he was bouncing up and down and dancing to the beat.  He really is a very musical boy, he's always singing and playing his instruments.  He also loved seeing all of the people and all of the trucks carrying all of the equipment into the park.  Maybe we should be brave and take him to a real music festival this summer, we'll just have to get him those big headphones :)

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