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Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Birthday Party Goody Bag


Unfortunately we weren't able to make it to the big Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Birthday Party at Hamley's on the weekend, but we were lucky enough to receive a goody bag in the post today!  Filled with all sorts of fun party toys for Ethan, his favourite item in the bag was the little Cabbage Patch baby, which he played with and took care of, nurturing his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Ethan was so excited to receive the goody bag in the post, of course it's not the same as being at the party.  We did look through the photos of the party together, and it looked like great fun!  Ethan took everything out of his party bag, and straight away wanted to open up the baby in the box.  The baby comes with a little bottle (too small for Ethan to play with on his own, but we could 'feed' the baby together).  It was very sweet that he wanted to care for the baby, very different to his reaction with the doll the other day, but I suppose that wasn't a baby.  Maybe we'll have to get Ethan a big Cabbage Patch baby to see if he likes it.

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