19 months old

WOW Fire Truck


Today Nana bought Ethan a new toy, it's the WOW Toys Fire Truck!  We have a few other WOW Toys that Ethan really likes, and he often plays with the fire truck at our local Harris + Hoole coffee shop and at playgroups, so it was time he had his own.  He loves it so much, he wanted to play with it before Nana could even get it out of the box!  These toys are all lovely, they list right on them what skills they help develop.  What I love about this fire truck is that there are no batteries required and that you can push it along to make it go, this is good for Physical Development in learning to move the truck in a specific way for a purpose.

Ethan loves playing with his fire truck, and keeps going back to it.  I think it's definitely his new favourite!  He makes his own siren sound for it, opens up the different compartments, puts his other WOW people in with Ernie the fireman and happily drives it around the room.  This toy could literally keep him busy for hours!

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