19 months old

London ABC


Today we went into the school where I used to work for an event (it was fantastic, Ethan really enjoyed it!) and we were lucky enough to run into Ben Hawkes, our school football coach who is now also a children's author and illustrator!  In my time away I had completely forgotten about this fact, and so was very excited to go to the book shop straight away and buy both of his books: London ABC and What is a Crocodile's Favourite Thing?  

Ethan loved looking at both of the books, but today we focused on London ABC.   The book may seem at first to be a simple ABC of London sights, but there is so much more to it.  The illustrations are gorgeous and they tell another story, of a little lost penguin.  So we went through the book a few times, first just reading the pages, then looking for the words beginning with each letter and finally looking for the penguin on each page and telling his story. A fantastic book for Knowledge and Understanding of the World to learn about London and of course Communication, Language and Literacy to help develop Ethan's love of books. 

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