19 months old



Today Ethan had an up and down day of not feeling very well, so after Tempo Tots this morning we just had a quiet day at home.  We were actually all snuggled up and watching The Gruffalo when he got up and went over to his arts and crafts drawers and asked for some things to play with.  He chose a few different things and then settled on some really cute new Sesame Street Stickers that Nana brought him from Canada.  He loves playing with stickers and it's good for his Creative Development as he chose where to put the stickers to decorate his page.

Ethan is really enjoying playing with stickers, he choose which one he wants and I help him take it off the sheet and then he chooses where to stick it on the page.  He sometimes gets a bit frustrated when the sticker won't come off of his finger, but soon figures it out and moves on to the next one.  To be honest, today it was just nice to see him wanting to do something, hopefully he'll feel much better tomorrow.

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