19 months old

Moon Dough


Today we played with Moon Dough (there are lots of great recipes on Pinterest to make your own moon dough, but today we used store bought).  Our little set came with a small bag of Moon Dough and two car moulds.  It's difficult to describe the texture of Moon Dough, it's different from play dough, more powdery and softer, it's a great sensory experience as part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Ethan was a little bit cautious with the Moon Dough to begin with, and as soon as he touched it it left a blue powder all over his hands, which he wasn't very happy about!  He does really enjoy messy play, but he's not always thrilled with mucky hands!  We persevered and played with the Moon Dough, squishing it around and exploring the unique texture.  Then filling up the moulds to make the cars.  This part was really fun, Ethan helped to squish the dough into the moulds and then tapped them to make the car come out.  They came out really easily and made a perfect mould, every little detail showed up on the dough.  As long as Ethan was distracted with playing then he didn't think about his blue hands.  Clean up was easy, and the Moon Dough came in a resealable pouch, so we'll definitely be playing with it again (and working on Ethan's tolerance to messy hands!)

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