19 months old

Cornflour Goop


Today I thought it was time for some messy play, so we made cornflour goop!  I used 1 cup of cornflour and 1/2 cup of water and some green food colouring.  The idea is to make a fascinating substance that is both liquid and solid and you can scrape around it with spoons and make patterns with your fingers.  It's a great activity for Knowledge and Understanding of the World as children learn about changing states of matter and explore this very strange goop.

Today may not have been the best day to do this particular activity in our house.  Ethan is teething and has a cold, so he's a bit miserable.  We made the goop together, I put some some cornflour in a big tray and then added some water and we stirred it around together.  There didn't seem to be enough water so I added some more (this is where I went wrong) so the goop became too runny.  It was still fun to play with, but it splashed around quite easily (especially when Mr Tantrum decided to throw the spoons around after I told him he couldn't eat the goop) and the kitchen is now covered in goop.  Ethan definitely enjoyed this activity (pre tantrum) and we'll have to try it again, but maybe we'll wait until we can do it outside in the garden (or at someone else's house!)

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