19 months old

Numbers Discovery Box


Today we put together a Numbers Discovery Box!  Lately when we count with Ethan he attempts to count with us, so I thought it would be nice to encourage more counting and number knowledge.  In our box there are number books, number puzzle pieces, 5 lolly sticks, 5 labelled lids, 5 labelled little pots, 5 coloured links, 5 square blocks, 5 cylinder blocks and 5 triangle blocks.

Ethan started exploring and discovering right away!  I mostly just allowed him to play with all of the different items, putting things in the pots and stacking things up.  As he played with different items I would count them out for him and he brought the books over for me to read to him.  We'll leave this discovery box out for a while to allow him to explore it in his own time and in a variety of ways to develop his Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy skills.

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