19 months old

Kicking Down a Tower


Ethan's been going to football classes for a few weeks now, and one of the activities that they often do is to set up a tower of foam bricks and then kick a ball at it to knock it down.  It's one that Ethan hasn't seemed to really grasp, he's either wanted to play with the blocks or just throw the ball around.  This activity is great for Physical Development as it involves kicking a ball at a target and requires great coordination for a 19 month old.

Today I went away for the night (my first away from Ethan, yikes) but Daddy and Ethan had lots of fun playing this game at home.  Ethan still often found it very tempting to just knock down the tower with his hands, but there were a few times that he did manage to knock it down with the ball.  It made a big difference to isolate this activity away from the football class so that he could focus on it without other distractions.  And then he was able to play freely with the bricks and the ball as he pleased and wasn't rushed onto the next activity.  It was definitely beneficial to him and I think we will try to take activities away from football like this in the future.

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