19 months old

Baking Cupcakes


Happy Mother's Day!  I am a very lucky International Mommy that gets to celebrate in March and May :)  (I'm Canadian but we live in the UK)  Ethan gave me a lovely new apron for Mother's Day, so it was the perfect excuse to do some baking today.  We made cupcakes :)

Ethan helped every step of the way, putting the cupcake cases in the tray, stirring the mix, spooning it into the cases, making the icing and decorating the cupcakes!  It's incredible how much he is capable of now, he surprises me every time with how much he understands and how much he can do.  We are definitely going to do more cooking together now that he is bigger (and I have my fab apron!) Cooking is a great activity to develop his Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he learns how food is prepared and watches as it changes form.

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