19 months old

Salt Dough Presents for Daddy


For the past few days we have been working on presents for Ethan's Daddy's birthday this weekend.  We decided to make some things out of salt dough, and here is the recipe we used:

Salt Dough

1 cup salt 

2 cups all purpose flour 
1 cup luke warm water 

We made the salt dough together, mixing it up in a bowl and then we rolled it out to make a "cake" for Daddy and a hand print.  When they were done I dried them in the oven on low heat (about 100 C) for a few hours (they were quite thick so took a long time to dry through, thinner / smaller creations would take less time).

Then today we painted them.  Ethan wanted to use blue paint, so he painted both in blue and then we stuck some glitter and pom poms on the cake to decorate it.  This has been a great activity for Ethan's Creative Development as he made these from start to finish, and they'll make great gifts for Daddy!

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