19 months old

Fox's Socks Story Sack


Ethan's newest book is Fox's Socks by Julia Donaldson.  Today we made a story sack for it with a fox (actually a bear, we don't have a fox toy), vest, shirt, bow tie (a ribbon tied in a bow), hat and socks.  It was quite an easy one to set up, but provided lots of fun and learning opportunities.  A great activity for Communication, Language and Literacy as we read and explore the story further.

Ethan wasn't sure what we were doing at first, he happily looked at the book with me but seemed a bit confused by the "fox" and his clothes.  When we came to the first flap (the chest with a vest inside) I asked Ethan to find a vest for us to put on the fox, and he did!  I was actually really surprised as even though we put a vest on him everyday I wasn't sure if he knew what the word for it was.  Then we put the vest on the "fox" and did that for the rest of the clothes as well. The second time I had all of the clothes in the sack and Ethan had to pull out the right one, then the third time I actually hid each item in similar places to those described in the book.  (Ethan seemed to think I was completely crazy for the last one!)  So it was a great activity for identifying items of clothes as well as learning to dress and undress the "fox".

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