19 months old

Teddy Bears' Tea Party


Today we had a tea party in Ethan's play tent with some of his toys and teddies.  The honoured guests were Elmo and Scout, Ethan's favourites.

Ethan helped me to gather up all of the teddies and then to set up the tea pot, cups and play food.  He stirred the tea and poured it into the cups and then fed it to his guests.  He was very sweet and gentle when he fed the teddies, it was lovely to watch.  An excellent activity for his Personal, Social and Emotional Development as he learns to be kind and gentle to others and to share.

Also, as a side note, there has been a bit in the news about gender stereotyping toys.  It can be quite frustrating as a parent when you want your child to just have the freedom to choose to play with anything they like.  Ethan absolutely loves playing with tea sets and play cooking sets, and I do find that a lot of them are classified as 'girls' toys.  Today we proudly play with our tea set, and who knows, maybe tomorrow we'll be playing with dolls in prams :)

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