19 months old

Play Chair


Today I got Ethan his first little chair.  We haven't really got room in our house for a full table and chairs so I hadn't really thought about it, but lately when we've been to play groups and art classes I've noticed that he struggles to in and out of small chairs, and to sit still in them!  So I thought that the best way to practice was to get one at home, I know that a chair isn't really a toy, but as it will help us to play in different ways I thought it was worth including here.  So I just got one small plastic chair for now, and pulled it up to the coffee table for Ethan to do some colouring.

Ethan loved the chair straight away, he happily asked for help to sit on it and I tucked him in and he got straight to colouring.  I think that being in the chair did help him to stay focused for a little bit longer as it wasn't as easy to just get up and walk away.  Then he asked for help to get out of the chair, and pushed it around the room.  Hopefully if he gets a chance to do this at home chairs won't seem like such a novelty when it's time to sit down and do crafts at playgroup.  Such a simple thing, but learning to sit in a chair is a part of Ethan's Physical Development as he needs to figure out how to get on and off it by himself.

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