19 months old

London Wetland Centre


Today was a beautiful day, so we went to the London Wetland Centre.  I've been wanting to take Ethan for a while, and today seemed like the perfect day for it.  He's very into ducks at the moment, he can say 'duck' and 'quack' quite clearly, so what better excuse to use his extensive vocabulary ;)  A visit to the Wetland Centre is great for little ones' Knowledge and Understanding of the World as they get to see wildlife in natural habitats and participate in hands on activities to learn more about them.

Ethan had so much fun today!  I honestly can not rave enough about the Wetland Centre, it has absolutely everything that you could want for a toddler.  We walked through the park looking at all of the different ducks ("duck!!!") and Ethan would run along to the next gate to open it up and see the next pond.  We had lunch in the cafe (great meals for kids, a choice of hot meal or lunch box) then went on to the Pond Zone to do some pond dipping and play with the interactive digital pond (loved this, the kids walk around on a projected pond, stamping on the rubbish!)  Then to the Explore Adventure Playground, which could be a day out on its own.  There are loads of different things to play on, vole holes (tunnels that go in different directions, Ethan's favourite by far!) and even a wet play area and little climbing wall!  The only downside for us was that the otter feeding was very popular so we didn't get to see them (I would suggest going early to get a good spot).  Everything else about our day was perfect, down to the gift shop at the end for some duck souvenirs :)

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