19 months old

Shopping Play


Today I bought Ethan a little shopping basket, which inspired me to be very ambitious with some shopping imaginative play!  Ethan may still be a bit young for role play, but I thought we'd give it a try.  A great part of Creative Development is imaginative play and Ethan seems to be doing a little bit on his own already.  We started out by making some money to play with (I printed out simple notes with numbers and gave Ethan markers and crayons to colour them in) then we set out all of the things for the shop, Ethan collected what he wanted to buy in his basket and then paid for them and put them in a bag.

Ethan did really well with this activity, he followed my instructions while filling up his basket, choosing carefully what he wanted to put in.  Then he brought all of the things to Nana and handed over all of his money, then put the items in the bag.  After that he wanted to take everything back out, put it into the basket and pretend to eat the food.  I let him have freedom then to play however he chose to, not enforcing that he do things in a set order.  

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