19 months old

Bubble Wrap Bouncing


Today we played with bubble wrap!  What a fantastic material for exploring.  I got some in a package the other day and knew it was worth saving.  I taped it to the floor so that Ethan could walk, jump, crawl, pinch and bounce his ball on it, fantastic for his Physical Development.

Ethan loved it!  As it was a rainy day today we set it up as a whole course for him to go through.  I had his ball pit tent set up, the tunnel attached then the bubble wrap floor at the end of the tunnel.  Ethan crawled through and found this surprise!

He started walking on it and heard the 'pop' then wanted to do it more and more!  We experimented with different ways of walking, jumping and stomping his feet, then moved onto pinching, patting and squishing with fingers.  Then Ethan started going back and forth through the tunnel, bringing balls back with him.  

So we bounced the balls on the bubble wrap to pop the bubbles as well.  Ethan learned the word 'pop' while we played and really enjoyed playing with the bubble wrap, the game went on for hours!  Perfect for a rainy day!

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  1. Bubble wrap is great for children. My son used to struggle with his fine motor skills, until someone told me that popping bubble wrap with their fingers is a great way to build a child's fine motor skills and work the muscles in their hands. This helps with their writing and pencil control later on and they just think they're having fun!

    1. Thanks for your comment Dawn :) That's great to hear that bubble wrap was such a help for your son, I was thinking today as we were pinching the bubbles that it was a lot like the pincer grip that Ethan will need to hold a pencil. Gotta love play based learning :)


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