2 years old

Trick or Treat Imaginary Play


Today we're continuing our preparation for Halloween by pretending to go trick or treating! We're undecided if we'll actually attempt any trick or treating tomorrow, as Ethan is still quite young, but today we decided to try it out at home.  This is fun for Ethan's Creative Development to use his imagination and pretend to be outside trick or treating.

We got out the play tent, decorated it for Halloween and then got out all of Ethan's dress up clothes for him to wear.  I sat in the tent and Ethan dressed up, then came and knocked on the door and said 'trick or treat' and then I put a treat in his pumpkin basket.  Then he said 'thank you, bye' and he went to change into a different costume.  It was really sweet, he got the hang of it really quickly and enjoyed coming to the door in his various hats.  The best part was that because we had left it all out, Ethan played again with Daddy when he got home from work :)

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