2 years old

Hand Print Thanksgiving Turkey


Today we made another Thanksgiving craft that I used to make when I was little, the classic hand print turkey!  A really simple craft for Ethan's Creative Development and to get him excited about Thanksgiving.

First I painted Ethan's hand in autumn colours (brown, red, yellow and orange) and then we carefully printed it onto the paper.  We left that to dry for a few hours so that we wouldn't smudge it.  Then I gave Ethan an eye, a beak and a gobble (the technical term, lol).  I cut the beak and the gobble out of craft foam sheets.  We put some glue on them together and I pointed to where Ethan should stick them.  He stuck the bits on, as well as the 'H' and 'T' stickers for 'Happy Thanksgiving' and then held up his creation proudly!  After I hung the picture up he pointed to it and said "good boy!"   He really is proud of his work today :)

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